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Jumat, 27 Februari 2015

[Review&Tips] Cara Menghilangkan Ketombe (How to clear up dandruff)

Hi Readers!
I want to tell you my secret, can you keep it? hihih
days ago, I was shocked by much (really much actually huhu) dandruff on my front scalp. Only on my front scalp, but it really eye catching you know! At that time, I was in my campus, waiting for another class, and I really wanted to go home as soon as possible. (AArrghhhhh)
After finishing the class, I immediately went to Cosmetic Store to buy shampoo especially for dandruff, and you know what? I found something that really help me!! (Thank God I found it) hahahha
Hi readers! aku ada rahasia nih, bisa gak kalian jaga rahasia nya? hihi
beberapa hari yang lalu, aku dikejutkan oleh ketombe ketombe di kulit kepalaku, hanya di bagian depan saja, tapi sangat menganggu!! karena pada saat itu aku sedang berada di kampus, menunggu kelas berikutnya dan aku sangat sangat ingin pulang secepat mungkin!! 
Setelah selesai kelas, aku langsung pergi ke supermarket untuk beli shampoo khusus untuk ketombe dan disana aku menemukan sesuatu yang sangat membantu. (terima kasih Tuhan hahah)

Actually there are a lot of anti dandruff shampoo which sold in supermarket, but Rice straw shampoo from Mustika Ratu got my attention at first.
Sebenarnya ada banyak sekali shampoo khusus untuk ketombe, tapi aku tertarik untuk mencoba Shampo Merang dari Mustika Ratu. 
I'm sorry, because i was too shock of those dandruff, I didn't even take a photo of the shampoo. So, I took it from Google. 
it contains boiling water of Rice Straw, Lime extract, and Climbazole. it Helps eliminating and itching due to dandruff in the scalp. 
Shampo ini mengandung air rebusan merang, ekstrak lemon dan Climbazole. dan ini sangat membantu untuk menghilangkan gatal-gatal kulit kepala karena ketombe. 

I used this shampoo, unfortunately my hair got a little bit rough, therefore after using this shampoo I used conditioner to help my hair get smoother. oh, please remember readers, conditioner only be applied at your hair, not your scalp, ok? hihi
Actually, for the conditioner, you can choose whatever conditioner you like. For me, I prefer Anti-damaged from Dove conditioner. I like the scent of this conditioner. hihi
Setelah menggunakan shampoo ini, sayangnya rambutku menjadi agak kasar dan keras, makanya setelah menggunakan shampo ini saya menggunakan conditioner untuk membuat rambut saya menjadi lebih lembut. Oh ya readers, ingat ya conditioner hanya di pakai di ujung-ujung rambut, jangan sampai kena kulit kepala ya. hihi
sebenarnya, kalau conditioner readers bebas memilih mau pakai merk apa, tapi saya lebih memilih menggunakan Anti-damaged Conditioner dari Dove. Saya suka wanginya. hihii

 I used Rice Straw Shampoo from Mustika Ratu and Dove Conditioner for a week, and Tadaaaa! I have no more dandruff! hihih it really works you know! at first I was worry that i would have those dandruff all day, but it works since the first time I used that shampoo. hahahahha
aku menggunakan Shampo Merang Mustika Ratu dan Anti-damaged Dove Conditioner ini hanya seminggu loh! dan Tadaaaaaa! gak ada lagi rambut berketombe. hihihi Shampo dan Conditioner ini benar-benar membantu loh readers. awalnya aku khawatir sekali kalau nanti aku akan ketombean setiap hari, tapi nyatanya ketombeku hilang saat pertama kali aku pakai shampo ini. hihi

oh, another essential point is, you have to wash your hair once a day if you want to get-rid of that dandruff. For avoiding those dandruff coming back again, you guys can use Rice Straw Mustika Ratu Shampoo once in a month. It is really helpful. don't forget readers about the conditioner. hihi
Oh iya, point pentingnya adalah kalian harus mencucui rambut sehari sekali ya? ini sangat membantu menghilangkan dan mencegah ketombe loh readers. Kalian juga bisa menggunakan Shampo Merang Mustika Ratu ini sebulan sekali buat jaga-jaga agar ketombe itu gak kembali lagi. Jangan lupa conditioner ya readers. hihi

So, for you readers who has the same situation with me, you can follow my way to prevent it. as you know, dandruff doesn't mean you are such a dirty woman, but it can be caused by stress, wet hair, your helmet, your cap, etc. Therefore, don't underestimate yourself readers! at least you know hot to solve that, right?
jadi, buat readers yang punya masalah yang sama dengan saya, bisa mengikuti cara saya menghilangkan ketombe ya! readers, ketombe bukan berarti kalian jorok loh, karena ketombe bisa datang karena stress, rambut yang lembab, helm yang kotor, topi, dan lain sebagainya. jadi jangan menyalahkan diri sendiri ya! yang penting sekarang kalian sudah tau bagaimana cara mengobatinya. hihihi

ps :
Rice Straw Shampoo Mustika Ratu (Shampo Merang Mustika Ratu) = IDR 13.000

Now, I can go everywhere and do anything confidently. Bye Bye dandruff, I hope i won't see you again. hahahhaha
Sekarang aku sudah bisa ngelakuin apapun dimanapun dengan percaya diri. Sampai jumpa ketombe, semoga kita gak ketemu lagi yaa. hahahha

Selasa, 24 Februari 2015

[Review] White Musk Libertine The Body Shop

I'm sorry guys for being absent this week, because I was busy for Chinese New Year Celebration in my home. ihihihi
But, still I will do some quick review related to my last valentine last time. hhihihi
What did you get from last valentine day? or what did you give to your someone special? ihihi
On Valentine day, I found something that is special for Valentine Day!!
The Body Shop White Musk Libertine in one Packaged!! Wow,
see, the box is really cute and eye catching!

From the front side, we can see what things are inside the box which are body lotion and body soap. 
This is the side part of the box,both sides are decorated with love shape which shows people what is inside of this box. Cute right?

I can bring it and people might think i am holding a jar of candies or cookies, because they both are packaged in a really simple but pretty ways!

it contains of The Body Lotion, The Body Soap and Flower Bath.

After I used these product, I really addicted to its body lotion!! White Musk Libertine Body Lotion from The Body Shop! The bottle can easily slip into my bag, because the size is really travel packaged.
The scent is extremely good and soft. Hmm, at first the scent will be too strong, but it will get smoother and nice after 10 minutes. I REALLY LOVE IT!! hhahhahah
And another great point is it will last for hours! I used it in the morning, but when I came home from college, the scent is still in my skin. maybe it is about 10 hours?
Front and back packaged of White Musk Libertine Body Lotion

The Shower puff is not really big, it is as big as my palm. It is really soft, and make a lot of bubble! I love using this one

As usual, The Body Shop soap product is gel texture and it doesn't make a lot of bubble. The scent is very good and long last! I can smell the scent even after an hour taking bath. You guys should try! hihi

IDR 125.000,00

 The Pros :
- Long lasted scent of Body Lotion and Body Soap
- Travel packaged
- Pretty Box
- A smooth, nice scent 
- Not really expensive

The Cons :
Happy Valentine guys! Be ready to go anywhere with White Musk Libertine scent!

This review was made based on the truth and writer's experiences

Kamis, 05 Februari 2015

[Review] Etude House Rosy Tint Lips

Hi guys! this will be my another review of Lip tint, since I have already fallen in love with using lip tint for my daily make up kit. My last review was about The Face Shop Aqua Tint, which has always be my favorite.
This time, actually I was thinking about buying some soft pink lip tint which is my Mom's favorite. Therefore, my Mom can use it together with me. hihih like killing two bird with one stone, isn't it?
Here we Go!
I bought Rosy Tint Lips English Garden from Etude House last time. This time, I chose a very soft pink because my Mom will like it. Let's start the review then!

I really fell in love with the concept of the box. It is really pretty and feminine with roses decoration around it which is give a mature concept actually.

The Back of the box, everything is in Hangul, I'm so desperate  I can't read it! 

In the Top of the box, you can see the product name and the shade of it. number 6 indicates that this is actually English Garden edition. But, again and again in Hangul. 

The Manufacturing date at the bottom of the box. 

Finally there are some words that I can finally really read. hahahahha These word are about the directions and cautions. Thank God they write it down in English. OMG, I do not think I can throw away the box. It is extremely pretty. 

The Package of Rosy Tint Lips Etude House is squeeze tube packaging and the color of the tube is actually made based on the color of the tint. that's why it gonna be easy to choose what color you want best while choosing in the store, yet you don't have to open the tube actually. 
But, it's kinda hard to squeeze the tube because of the hard plastic. I really need an extra effort to use this lip tint (sad) Another point, it can be really annoying when you are in a hurry, because it's like an age to squeeze them out! (Arrgh) 
The good point is, this tube won't accidentally squeeze in my bag or in my make-up bag. (thank God for that) 

There are the name of the product and the shade at the back of the packaging. 

Now the applicator, eeehm actually it's kinda hard to say. hahah The applicator is a sponge which tip is a little bit big and round. Therefore, it's a little bit hard to create a gradient. in addition, the previous usage of tint will stay in the sponge, so it's not hygienic. 


The texture of Rosy Tint Lips English Garden Etude House is actually like tooth paste. So, it become hard to blend it in our lips since it's not a liquid. To be honest, It will take some time to use this lip tint. 


can you see the color? :(

Actually I regret buying this color (cry). because the color is extremely too soft I can't see the color. When I use it, My lips become a little bit pale and not fresh at all. Yeah, it can be used in a daily life if you don't like the light color. But, I don't recommend you using this in the party or some event because you will look like a sick woman. :( And, it's also very dry, I suggest you to use lip balm after it. 
The good point is this lip tint last for quite a long time, even after eating and drinking. hihi Hope I can change the color. (sad)

IDR 80.000,-

-Beauty box packaging
- won't be squeezed accidentally
- easily slip in your bag
-long last
-affordable price

- Hard to squeeze the tube
- Not hygienic sponge
- hard to make gradients
- too pale color
- dry

This review is made based on the truth and the writer's experience