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Selasa, 24 Februari 2015

[Review] White Musk Libertine The Body Shop

I'm sorry guys for being absent this week, because I was busy for Chinese New Year Celebration in my home. ihihihi
But, still I will do some quick review related to my last valentine last time. hhihihi
What did you get from last valentine day? or what did you give to your someone special? ihihi
On Valentine day, I found something that is special for Valentine Day!!
The Body Shop White Musk Libertine in one Packaged!! Wow,
see, the box is really cute and eye catching!

From the front side, we can see what things are inside the box which are body lotion and body soap. 
This is the side part of the box,both sides are decorated with love shape which shows people what is inside of this box. Cute right?

I can bring it and people might think i am holding a jar of candies or cookies, because they both are packaged in a really simple but pretty ways!

it contains of The Body Lotion, The Body Soap and Flower Bath.

After I used these product, I really addicted to its body lotion!! White Musk Libertine Body Lotion from The Body Shop! The bottle can easily slip into my bag, because the size is really travel packaged.
The scent is extremely good and soft. Hmm, at first the scent will be too strong, but it will get smoother and nice after 10 minutes. I REALLY LOVE IT!! hhahhahah
And another great point is it will last for hours! I used it in the morning, but when I came home from college, the scent is still in my skin. maybe it is about 10 hours?
Front and back packaged of White Musk Libertine Body Lotion

The Shower puff is not really big, it is as big as my palm. It is really soft, and make a lot of bubble! I love using this one

As usual, The Body Shop soap product is gel texture and it doesn't make a lot of bubble. The scent is very good and long last! I can smell the scent even after an hour taking bath. You guys should try! hihi

IDR 125.000,00

 The Pros :
- Long lasted scent of Body Lotion and Body Soap
- Travel packaged
- Pretty Box
- A smooth, nice scent 
- Not really expensive

The Cons :
Happy Valentine guys! Be ready to go anywhere with White Musk Libertine scent!

This review was made based on the truth and writer's experiences

21 komentar:

  1. i have this at home too but havent got time to try yet!!i love the scent!

  2. What a cute package indeed! It's almost like made for Valentine's!

  3. Haven't seen the White Musk Libertine before but I feel it will be okay going from the review.

  4. Super cute! Love The Body Shop range and it would be a cute gift to give on Valentine's Day! Expect the scent is lovely! Sim x

  5. Hmm, a must try for me. Hopefully, I can buy one of these soon!

  6. I have tried this and like the sweet and floral scents.

  7. Hah, this is definitely a sweet gift from a guy to girl! especially if they are going for staycation, this is something they can use together!

  8. I always love ladies with floral scents. Enticing! :-) Makes them more beautiful :-)

  9. Very cute packing! I like the body shop but I am not a really big fan of highly scented skincare products

  10. It's nice that it has a nice lasting scent and also really handy. It's something you can bring on trips.

  11. The body lotion seems really addicting indeed! The products come in a beautiful package, and they look tempting to try!

  12. nice packaging and seems a good product to try. Just wondering, you haven't listed any cons. Why?

  13. This set looks like such a lovely thing to give away or keep for yourself! :)

  14. I didn't think musk is for women. I always thought musk is for men only. I guess I'm wrong.

  15. I love the smell of White Musk so this would be great for me. The packaging is very pretty and would make a great gift.

  16. That's a really cute packaging! I'm a sucker for anything cute, so I might just buy this when I spot one at our local The Body Shop store! Anyhow, thanks for the review. Hope you had a wonderful Chinese New Year and Valentine's celebration. :)

  17. wow a new brand of body lotion and soap to try next time. im thinking if this is available in manila hmmm...

  18. Body shop has always been one of my favorite beauty brands. Though the white musk range has not been introduced in Pakistan yet but it looks quite promising. The packaging of the lotions is too cute.

  19. i can imagine the white mush smelling lovely. will need to look at this series

  20. Perfect packaging for the month of hearts. I must try it out soon.

  21. Oh wow looks and sounds very nice! I'll have to check it out!