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Minggu, 12 Juli 2015

[REVIEW] Joe House Cafe Palembang

Hello readers!!!
Today I'm going to tell you about my experience hanging out with my future sister-in-law. hahahahahahah
we had nothing to do before we decided to go outside seeking for the fresh air. So here we are, in Joe House!

First thing that I do not like about this place is its parking lot. It only for 1 car! It was so hard to park my car since it was already full! Argh!

But I do LOVE the Interior Design!!! I fell in love with them the on my first step. hahahahah
I love the touch of the vintage design, yet glamour.

Here she is, My beautiful partner in food. hhiihi so, this is the landsco

So it is the menu, actually the price is not really expensive. It is about IDR 20.000 - IDR 50.000 the most expensive one is of course the tenderloin, steak, etc. The others still affordable.
The juicy looks is Mango fantasy drinks, which can be mixed by the customers.
so I chose mango milk with colorful buble. hahah and it was tasty!

This is just like Thai Tea, or in Indonesia we usually call it Teh Tarik. hahahah
Because we had already had lunch at home, so our belly couldn't afford anymore heavy food like rice, or noodle, or steak. so we just ordered french fries. we enjoyed this very much while we had a precious conversation. .hhihii
The small box in picture above is the list for Fantasy Drink which I mentioned can be mixed.

I fall in love in that beautiful, cute small spoon which match with the color of my drink.Yellow. hahahhah

Kamis, 25 Juni 2015

[BOOK REVIEW] MICHELLE PHAN MAKE UP: Your life guide to beauty style and success-Online and Off

Hi my beloved readers! I'm truly sorry for being absent writing my blog for so so so long :(
I was busy writing my thesis and doing short semester study in my college. Furthermore, I also have a new family member in my home who is crying everyday. Yeay!!
I have a nephew now! hahahhahaha
by the way, Do you know Michelle Phan? No, I don't!!
Well, let me tell you a bit about Michele Phan. She is the ultimate beauty teacher in Youtube who has BILLION followers! She is also the ambassador for LANCOME beauty product *OMG* and furthermore, she is the owner of IPSY . She is always be my favorite and my beauty trainer.
well, Luckily I got her book titled Michele Phan Make Up: Your life guide to beauty style and success online and off.

Usually, I always do beauty product review, but in this post I want to share the information from this very lovely book. hihi

Book Content:

This book consists of 10 chapter, such as:
  1. My life so far  ( This chapter tells us about her family, her childhood and her effort to reach all the things she has had. Furthermore, it also tells us about the struggle she faced in her way to er success. IT IS very INSPIRING!) 
  2. Skin Care Savvy ( This chapter is actually really really helpful! She tells us how to understand our skin type and even how to handle our skin problem, like : acne, eye bag and even dry lips. I got a lot of new information from this chapter *thankyou*)
  3. Makeup Basics and Beyond ( If you guys love makeup the this might be your one of your favorite chapter! Michelle shares everything relates with makeup, including how to keep your makeup-tool clean, the types of foundation, finger-paint style, etc. It explain ANYTHING! ANYTHING!!!! from eye-shadow, eye-liner, mascara, lipstick, )

  4. Hair and Nails Know-How ( it tells everything about choosing shampoo, conditioner and what is the right way to do it. moreover, she shares all about DIY manicure and pedicure. )
  5. Fashion Tips and Tricks ( This one also my favorite chapter that i can barely stop reading it! It told me about how to mix our old and new clothes, how to manage our wardrobe, and even what to use in special occasions. )
  6. Digital Dos and Don'ts (this chapter is really up-to-date and based on the truth. I mean in this digital era, almost everyone has smartphone and this time Michele guide us about what is good to do and not good while we are in the digital technology. It is very mind-blowing)
  7. Find (and Keep) a Job You Love (This is actually a chapter which supports the readers who believe in his passion. This is good and I bet that you can hardly stop reading it)
  8. Turn Your Passion into Profession (this is just like the previous chapter. It's inspiring and also give some tricks about how to lead your business or how to manage your workers.)
  9. Modern Manners Made Easy (This chapter tell you about the right manner or attitude. very helpful actually. hihihi for example, how to start conversation, how to make eye-contact, what is the right manner at the dining, and so many others)
  10. Ask Michelle (it's actually a chapter to know more about Michele)

My Opinion :

This book is very very good. I swear that I can barely stop reading it. I mean that this book has a very common problems that maybe all of us have faced before and this book give us the solutions, even the choices of solutions. beside about beauty, it also tells us about inner-beauty through manners, passion, jobs and so on. 
My ratings on this book is 9/10!
you must read this book!!!

This review was made based on the truth and the writer's experience

Jumat, 10 April 2015

[REVIEW] Elona Fussili and Penne Auto-Curler and straightener

Hi my beloved readers? It's very nice to see you again. You're good, aren't you?
Guys, i want to tell you my experience. You know that my hair is very straight and thick. So, it's kinda hard for me to curl it by y self. :(
It takes a very long time and a very hard effort to do it by my self. But, in salon? It will be much expensive.
so here it is, I found this auto-curler from Elona brand.
This brand is originally from Japan, and it's very cute.
It's my first auto rotating curler I have ever had. hihihi

Let's start from the box. Readers, the box is very cute and adorable. It's so girly and pretty. The dominant color is yellow with flower decoration and 2 pictures of pretty girls named Fussili and Penne. hihi

Inside of the box, there is interesting story about Fussili and Penne's megic weapon which is Elona Magis Treasure. hihi kinda cute, isn't it? hhi

The barrel itself is made from titanium with 30 mm diameter. because of made from titanium, the barrel look gorgeous and glamor.

Unfortunately, I think that the outer layer of the barrel, which used to grip the tip of the hair to be curlied, is too short. better if it can be longer than this actually.

For auto rotating features, there are 2 button which for Left and Right. Therefore, don't mess up with the wrong button guys! hhii

it is also featured with the LCD which shows the temperature, the rotation speed. Furthermore, it is also completed with the power button, manual button and (+ -) button to increase or decrease the heat of the barrel. It contains of 10 temperature heat level. Nevertheless, the ideal temperature is 180 celcius degree. All in all, this LCD is very important since we sometimes forget about the actual heat that we have set before. hihi

And finally, it is 2in1 function. Beside act as a curler, it is also can be used as a straightener. Very efficient! So, I only need to bring 1 stuff even for 2 different activities. hihi Oh yeah, By the way, there is also the explanation about the features of Elona Fussili and Penne Auto Curler and Straightener , which explain anything we want to know.

Here's the curl on my hair. hihi I love it, then I hope my hair would be like this everyday. hahahha
I'm so sorry i can't afford the video, since no one will record it for me and it's too hard to do it alone without tripod. :(

by the way, it is IDR 900.000 in Indonesia. It's quite expensive, isn't it? but it's ok since the quality of it is very very good.

- Cute and pretty packaging
- Auto-rotating
- 2in1 function
- LCD display
- Titanium barrel

-Too short grip on curlier
- bit expensive

Minggu, 22 Maret 2015

[REVIEW] Drawing Eyebrow Etude House

Hi readers!I am really sorry for being absent for too long huhuhu
I have to write my final thesis because I want to graduate as soon as possible. hhii
let's go to the point of this post.
in this post, I want to introduce my favorite drawing eyebrow! Actually, I just fall in love in using eyebrow pencil in this 6 month. before that, I never use drawing eyebrow.
Usually, I use the manual drawing eyebrow, which is like the real pencil. In using that, I need to make the tip of the pencil stay sharp.

But, thank God i Finally found something that give me a lot of happiness.hahaha
Drawing Eyebrow from Etude House is really helpful. I chose dark gray color, because choosing black will be too dark for me. hhi number 04 is the code for dark gray color. the color is very natural, it looks like our own eyebrow. I really love it!

This drawing pencil has two sides. first side is for the pencil it self, and the other side is for the brush. It's very efficient! we do not need many tools in drawing eyebrow, but only one tool consist of everything. hihi
pencils side

 This is how the pencil looks like.the shape of the pencil really help me in shaping my eyebrow. The pencil shape is sharp at one side. So, it's very suitable for the beginner drawing eyebrow user, like me. hihihi The used of brush is to blend the color, so it looks natural. And you know readers, the brush really do helping us in making it natural. hihi
See, this is me when I never used eyebrow. look how messy my eyebrows are. huhuhuhu
 Tadaaaa! See my eyebrows? much better right? hihihih
After I bought it, I used it almost for 4 months and now the pencil has gone. I need to buy the new one. huhu
the price of Drawing Eyebrow from Etude House is IDR 70.000,-



The review is written based on the truth and writer's experience

Jumat, 06 Maret 2015

[EVENT] Color Run and Party Palembang

Hi readers? Hhi what are you doing right now? Do you have something special on your week? I hope you have one then. Hihihi
By the way, back on the first day of march, My friend and I followed an event in my city which was very amazing. The name of the event is Run and Colour Party. So, judging from the name, I can tell you readers that it is actually for health and fun. Because I had to run for 5 km (it’s not really tiring if you are doing it with your best friend actually) . in adition, while we were running, there will be some guys who spread the color powder to all of our body.
Halo readers! hihi kalian sedang ngapain sekarang? Emm, kalian punya sesuatu yang spesial minggu ini? well, Saya berharap readers punya ya. hihihi
ngomong-ngomong tentang hari pertamaku di bulan maret, aku dan teman-teman baikku mengikuti acara Run and Color Party. Kalau kita lihat dari namanya, kita bisa tebak kan readers, kalau acara ini sebenarnya untuk kesehatan dan juga bersenang-senang. Karena readers, kita harus lari 5 km loh! (tapi enggak bakalancapek kok kalau kita lari nya sama temen-temen baik kita). Oh ya, waktu kita sedang lari, nanti di beberapa tempat kita akan di lempar bubuk-bubuk berwarna. 

My lovely hair. hahahha I felt like Ketty Pery you know 

Before that, we all got the same t-shirt (which can we cut and change), glasses, bracelet, and a number. The event itself took place in BKB (Benteng Kuto Besak) Palembang, Sum-Sel. This event will also be held in Jambi, Lampung and so many others cities in Indonesia. opps, we have to pay for the registration, IDR.100.000,-
Sebelum acara ini berlangsung, kami mendapatkan kaos yang bisa kita kreasikan sendiri, kaca mata, gelang dan nomor dada. Acara ini bertempat di BKB (Benteng Kuto Besak) Palembang, Sumatera Selatan. Acara Run and Color Party ini juga kana diadakan di Jambi, Lampung dan berbagai kota lainnya di Indonesia. Kita harus bayar uang pendaftaran loh, hanya IDR.100.000,-
After we run for about 5 km, we would back to BKB again, and there would be some DJ. So we danced and played together reader!
That's extremely FUN!! dancing with other 5500 people in that event!
Setelah berlari sepanjang 5km, kita akan kembali ke tempat awal, yaitu BKB dan akan ada DJ yang meainkan musik sehingga semua peserta bisa menari dan bermain bersama. 
Sangat seru loh! menari bersama 5500 peserta lainnya. hahahh

Can you find me readers? hahahha
This is my before and after followed that event. hahahahha before photo was really good, wasn't it? my hair was still good looking enough. but after? OMG I couldn't say a word. hahahha
Ini adalah fot sebelum dan sesudah mengikuyi Run and Color Party. Liha foto sebelum nya, aku masih terlihat rapi kan? Sesudah?? OMG, sangat berwarna warni.. hahahha
Before run and color party. hahahha
After run and color party event!

glasses? OMG that's really important readers. I uses lens contact for my eyes, and if that powder come in to my eyes, it would be terrible time.
Kacamata sangat penting loh readers, karena saya menggunakan soflen, maka akan sangat gawat jika ada bubuk warna yang masuk ke mata saya. oleh karena itu saya tidak pernah melepas kaca mata saya. hahaha

do you have this event in your city too? please share. hihihi
apakah kalian memiliki acara yang sama di kota anda? Mari bagikan cerita kalian readers. hahah