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Minggu, 12 Juli 2015

[REVIEW] Joe House Cafe Palembang

Hello readers!!!
Today I'm going to tell you about my experience hanging out with my future sister-in-law. hahahahahahah
we had nothing to do before we decided to go outside seeking for the fresh air. So here we are, in Joe House!

First thing that I do not like about this place is its parking lot. It only for 1 car! It was so hard to park my car since it was already full! Argh!

But I do LOVE the Interior Design!!! I fell in love with them the on my first step. hahahahah
I love the touch of the vintage design, yet glamour.

Here she is, My beautiful partner in food. hhiihi so, this is the landsco

So it is the menu, actually the price is not really expensive. It is about IDR 20.000 - IDR 50.000 the most expensive one is of course the tenderloin, steak, etc. The others still affordable.
The juicy looks is Mango fantasy drinks, which can be mixed by the customers.
so I chose mango milk with colorful buble. hahah and it was tasty!

This is just like Thai Tea, or in Indonesia we usually call it Teh Tarik. hahahah
Because we had already had lunch at home, so our belly couldn't afford anymore heavy food like rice, or noodle, or steak. so we just ordered french fries. we enjoyed this very much while we had a precious conversation. .hhihii
The small box in picture above is the list for Fantasy Drink which I mentioned can be mixed.

I fall in love in that beautiful, cute small spoon which match with the color of my drink.Yellow. hahahhah

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  1. Desainnya cantik banget. Cocok untuk yang suka narsis.

  2. Desainnya cantik banget. Cocok untuk yang suka narsis.