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Minggu, 22 Maret 2015

[REVIEW] Drawing Eyebrow Etude House

Hi readers!I am really sorry for being absent for too long huhuhu
I have to write my final thesis because I want to graduate as soon as possible. hhii
let's go to the point of this post.
in this post, I want to introduce my favorite drawing eyebrow! Actually, I just fall in love in using eyebrow pencil in this 6 month. before that, I never use drawing eyebrow.
Usually, I use the manual drawing eyebrow, which is like the real pencil. In using that, I need to make the tip of the pencil stay sharp.

But, thank God i Finally found something that give me a lot of happiness.hahaha
Drawing Eyebrow from Etude House is really helpful. I chose dark gray color, because choosing black will be too dark for me. hhi number 04 is the code for dark gray color. the color is very natural, it looks like our own eyebrow. I really love it!

This drawing pencil has two sides. first side is for the pencil it self, and the other side is for the brush. It's very efficient! we do not need many tools in drawing eyebrow, but only one tool consist of everything. hihi
pencils side

 This is how the pencil looks like.the shape of the pencil really help me in shaping my eyebrow. The pencil shape is sharp at one side. So, it's very suitable for the beginner drawing eyebrow user, like me. hihihi The used of brush is to blend the color, so it looks natural. And you know readers, the brush really do helping us in making it natural. hihi
See, this is me when I never used eyebrow. look how messy my eyebrows are. huhuhuhu
 Tadaaaa! See my eyebrows? much better right? hihihih
After I bought it, I used it almost for 4 months and now the pencil has gone. I need to buy the new one. huhu
the price of Drawing Eyebrow from Etude House is IDR 70.000,-



The review is written based on the truth and writer's experience

19 komentar:

  1. Very helpful, my sister read and now she know more about this product, keep writing sist !!!! We waiting for your another review
    And i love you eyes actually heheheh

  2. nggak paham hal ginian (cowok) tp gak papalah ._.

  3. Looks good on you. Perhaps girls should see this post.

  4. Thanks for the review! It looks great on you! I can't live without one of those... =)

  5. I hope your thesis goes well!! :)
    Awesome review - the eyebrow pencil certainly works but still looks subtle - you look beautiful! Sim x

  6. Eyebrow pencils do make a difference! Yours look nice :)

  7. I kind of stop drawing my eyebrows and hide them with my bangs after I used up my eyebrow pencils... lazy me!

  8. wow your eyebrow looks so natural! ill have to pick this up soon

  9. Lovely effect after drawing your eyebrow.. Natural look!

  10. I guess it's expensive because it's very handy and easy to use. It highlights the beauty in your eyer more.

  11. I love how your eye brows look. Nice review and seems a nice product to try.

  12. I like the look that you have with the eyebrow pencil. It's subtle and natural looking too.

  13. Seems like this is a good prodduct to have - I shall put it to my wish list.

  14. I love the way your eyebrows look! That is indeed a great beauty product!

  15. Eyebrow is so important and definitely change the whole appearance. You look great with your drawn eyebrow.

  16. It's like the transformation is from one person to another. I use pencil brow liner. I don't have the time to do a lot of gurls stuff, afraid of getting late. I'm yet to try products from Etude, but I will stick on skincare.

  17. Ooooh. Looks like a great product but definitely not something for me. I don't do makeup so I really salute girls who do. Drawing eyebrows can be especially tricky, too.

  18. I love Etude House!!! Thanks for this review , so helpful.