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Jumat, 10 April 2015

[REVIEW] Elona Fussili and Penne Auto-Curler and straightener

Hi my beloved readers? It's very nice to see you again. You're good, aren't you?
Guys, i want to tell you my experience. You know that my hair is very straight and thick. So, it's kinda hard for me to curl it by y self. :(
It takes a very long time and a very hard effort to do it by my self. But, in salon? It will be much expensive.
so here it is, I found this auto-curler from Elona brand.
This brand is originally from Japan, and it's very cute.
It's my first auto rotating curler I have ever had. hihihi

Let's start from the box. Readers, the box is very cute and adorable. It's so girly and pretty. The dominant color is yellow with flower decoration and 2 pictures of pretty girls named Fussili and Penne. hihi

Inside of the box, there is interesting story about Fussili and Penne's megic weapon which is Elona Magis Treasure. hihi kinda cute, isn't it? hhi

The barrel itself is made from titanium with 30 mm diameter. because of made from titanium, the barrel look gorgeous and glamor.

Unfortunately, I think that the outer layer of the barrel, which used to grip the tip of the hair to be curlied, is too short. better if it can be longer than this actually.

For auto rotating features, there are 2 button which for Left and Right. Therefore, don't mess up with the wrong button guys! hhii

it is also featured with the LCD which shows the temperature, the rotation speed. Furthermore, it is also completed with the power button, manual button and (+ -) button to increase or decrease the heat of the barrel. It contains of 10 temperature heat level. Nevertheless, the ideal temperature is 180 celcius degree. All in all, this LCD is very important since we sometimes forget about the actual heat that we have set before. hihi

And finally, it is 2in1 function. Beside act as a curler, it is also can be used as a straightener. Very efficient! So, I only need to bring 1 stuff even for 2 different activities. hihi Oh yeah, By the way, there is also the explanation about the features of Elona Fussili and Penne Auto Curler and Straightener , which explain anything we want to know.

Here's the curl on my hair. hihi I love it, then I hope my hair would be like this everyday. hahahha
I'm so sorry i can't afford the video, since no one will record it for me and it's too hard to do it alone without tripod. :(

by the way, it is IDR 900.000 in Indonesia. It's quite expensive, isn't it? but it's ok since the quality of it is very very good.

- Cute and pretty packaging
- Auto-rotating
- 2in1 function
- LCD display
- Titanium barrel

-Too short grip on curlier
- bit expensive

20 komentar:

  1. wow! Your hair look great on curls. nice beauty gadget to try. But I love girls with long straight hair.

  2. Wow, you managed to get the curls nicely done! I don't think I will get this because curls make me look very old!

  3. Nice. The curls look good for you. How much is that price tag in US dollars?

  4. Wow.... u able to style very curly hair. Nice review...

  5. I've always wanted to get my own curling and straightening iron, will check this out! Thanks for the detailed review. :)

  6. Love the curls <3 Great styling tool. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is a great product investment if you like to either curl or straighten your hair every day. Instead of going to the salon and have a perm, this styling iron can work its magic with less cost!

  8. I had a curler but it's not so user friendly so I hardly use it. Yours look good.

  9. Lovely hair curler specially for quick and beautiful curls though i dont use them but a good product.

  10. Lovely curly hair you have here. My youngest daughter loves to have that kind of a hair and i am planning to buy her like this.

  11. ooohh.. pretty curls!! love it! :) And the packaging is cute too!! :)

  12. The packaging is so lovely! Haha! The results of the curling iron on you are quite beautiful! :)

  13. It's really comes in a nice packages. You also were able to make nice curls with this one.

  14. I thought you were talking abut food first. Haha! Your look is very beautiful. Nice job.

  15. The packaging alone is enough to make any girl happy, but the curler looks gorgeous too. I’ve been looking for one for months now so I’m glad to see this review.

  16. I was actually expecting more from the design of the product because the box was so cute! The curler does need a longer outer handle for better control.

  17. Nice box for a curler. - KarenT

  18. The packaging is really cute! Packaging is a big factor in a beauty product. I do find it quite expensive too but seeing the curls on you, I guess it's much cheaper than having it done in salon every now and then. :)

  19. [REVIEW] Elona Fussili and Penne Auto-Curler and straightener. Hi my beloved readers? It's very nice to see you again. You're good, aren't ...